While not typically considered core theological or doctrinal beliefs, we feel it important to communicate our distinctives in the following areas as they are important issues in our culture.

All matters of faith and conduct must be submitted to and evaluated on the basis of God’s Word, the Bible. And while we believe the Bible clearly speaks to and addresses these relevant topics, we also seek to apply these truths with love and grace, sincerely welcoming all to attend and pursue being a follower of Jesus at NEXT Community Church.


In the beginning, God created both man and woman, and brought them together to be husband and wife (Gen.1:27; 2:18, 24). This is God’s design, intent, and plan for marriage from the very beginning. Further, we believe that sexual intercourse is the gift of God to be shared between a married husband and wife only. Therefore, we hold that sexual relations outside of a one-man-one-woman marriage is wrong. This includes premarital sex as well as homosexual relations. Regardless of state-approval of homosexual marriage, we believe homosexuality is a departure from God’s plan, intent, and design, and is therefore wrong. The Bible, both Old and New Testaments, specifically condemns it as sin (Genesis 19; Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; Romans 1:25-27; 1 Cor. 6:9-10; 1 Timothy 1:9-10).
  • God intended intimate sexual relations to occur only in the confines of marriage.
  • God intended marriage to be a lifelong covenant between one man and one woman.
  • Sexual relations outside of the marriage covenant (including homosexual relations under state-ordained marriages) is condemned by God’s Word, the Bible, as sin.


God is the author, creator, and blueprint provider of human life. We believe the creation narrative of Genesis 1-2 provides the foundational truths for understanding the intentional and purposeful creation of gender – male and female – and the distinct roles God created for men and women.

God created every single person, purposefully and intentionally, as either male or female. We recognize that there may be times when a person does not “feel” like the gender they were born with. Experiencing this confusion or gender dysphoria we know is complex, difficult, and creates many challenges. We care about and love individuals with this struggle. However, God does not make mistakes or errors. We believe that any intent or conduct to adopt a gender identity other than one’s birth gender is not God’s plan nor God’s best and would be wrong.

Men and women are equal in essence, dignity and value – co-image bearers (Gen 1:27) and coheirs of eternal life (Gal 3:28-29). At the same time, they are different and distinct by divine design. The husband and wife were created to be together and to complement each other. As part of God’s good and created order, men and women are to have different yet complementary roles and responsibilities both in the home and in the church (Eph 5:21-33). As it relates to the church, men and women alike may receive and should exercise their gifts in all areas – prayer, teaching, discipling, leading, spiritual giftings, and the like. The exception is the authoritative office of elder which is reserved for qualified men (1 Tim. 3; Titus 1).
  • God created men and women of equal value, yet uniquely distinct and complementary by His design and purpose.
  • God’s divine design for each person, male or female, was intentional and purposeful. Adopting any gender identity other than that given by God at birth would be wrong.
  • As it relates to roles in the church, both men and women are called to exercise their gifts, however, the specific office of elder is intended to be occupied only by qualified men.


We believe God is the author and creator of all life, and that the Bible clearly teaches life begins in the womb. It attributes human personhood to the unborn child (Psalm 139:13-16, Jeremiah 1:5; Luke 1:44). As the Bible does not distinguish between prenatal and postnatal life, we believe abortion is taking the life of a human being and is therefore wrong. Children are intended to be a blessing from God to a married husband and wife. As with all sins, God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness are available to those who have had abortions.

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