1st thru 5th Grade

What to expect

NEXT Kids consists of children in grades 1st through 5th - and centers around a positive, fun & thought-provoking environment! We host our classrooms upstairs with a big meeting room and individual break-out rooms for grade-specific small groups.

After check-in, your child will have some time to play games and connect with other kids! Then, we will go into a time of prayer, worship, and a large group lesson followed by small group discussions to dive deeper into God’s Word and personal application.
In case you missed it on the previous page, we wanted to let you know this is the real deal. There is a high calling on caring for and leading our children in the church. We care about & realize the impact a relationship with Jesus means to even the youngest of us all. We're committed to:
  • Engage and inspire children in the wonder and knowledge of the Father and his Word.
  • Model worship by praising God through singing, reading scripture, and praying.
  • Build an environment where children can create safe relationships with their peers and their leaders.
  • Partner with parents to disciple their children - teaching them about God and having spiritual conversations beyond Sundays.

Our mission

What we're learning:

Within our Kid's ministry, we use The Gospel Project; a Christ-centered, chronological study of the Bible published by LifeWay. We read stories from Genesis to Revelation, asking big questions to learn truths about God and ourselves and see how that all works towards his plan.




Next steps:


Is your child asking questions about their faith? Wondering about God and His love for them? Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to answer those questions and guide your child in a conversation about faith. We've created a guide to help you have those conversations!

Did your child just pray to receive Jesus as their Savior? We want to celebrate with them! Believing in Jesus is a BIG deal! Send us a message!

Have more questions about how to approach the subject? Let's start a dialogue.


Baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision to follow Jesus. Kids often make this decision as a child or teenager, which is why we see so many kids get baptized at NEXT! Need help navigating what that looks like or even means? Use our guide below to start the conversation!
It’s an important faith milestone, and we want to make sure your child understands their decision to follow Jesus and get baptized. We want to partner and celebrate with you by meeting with your family, ensuring your child understands baptism and giving you an opportunity to ask any questions you might have about this next step!

Meet our leaders:

Our leaders are THE BEST! Check out our leader spotlight below to see who is investing in your child on Sundays and learn more about them and why they love being part of our ministry.

Jason Brand

NEXT Kids Small Group Leader

"I really enjoy serving in the elementary room because I get to know the kids as I help shape their reliance on God on a regular basis. I enjoy watching them grow in their faith and love how they challenge me with insightful questions. It's also a great opportunity to get to know my kids' friends as they grow up together at church."

Sean Berwager

NEXT Kids Small Group Leader

"I was born & raised in southcentral PA and have lived in the Skippack area with my family since 2014! I have a passion for teaching and mentoring kids in their faith journeys!"

Keri Ehrlich

NEXT Kids Small Group Leader

"My husband PJ and I have been married since 2010 and have 3 kids who are currently 10, 8 and 5! We moved to this area in 2022 and started attending NEXT within a month of our move. I started serving in kids ministry at the end of the year. The reason I serve is because I believe that every attendee of a church should find a way to serve the body. Since my kids take part in kids ministry and I know it is an area that help is always needed, I decided this would be the best way to serve!"

Kristen Ridgway

NEXT Kids Small Group Leader

"I serve as a leader at NEXT because I love being with kids. It is so important to teach our younger generations about Jesus and how much he loves them so they have that foundation and truth no matter what is going on in their lives.  And I’ve been asked some really challenging questions so I learn from them too!"

Jen & TJ Grant

NEXT Kids Small Group Leader

"We're Jen and TJ! We are newer to the NEXT family, but so thrilled to be here. I (Jen) have always loved working with children & TJ is majoring in Religion with a global studies focus. Together we hope to share the amazing word of God. A fun fact about us, is that we love homesteading and all things outdoors!"

Jim Kahn

NEXT Kids Small Group Leader

“After surrendering my life to Jesus at age 37, I’ve been playing catchup for the last few decades, living to serve my Savior and Redeemer with every tool He has blessed me with. I have the opportunity to sow the truth of God’s Word into the searching hearts and minds of the NEXT Kids & Youth Ministries!

Camdyn Berwager

NEXT Kids Small Group Leader

"I serve in the kids ministry to start fostering the love, grace, and truth of God in young kids. Raising kids within the hands of God is so important, and nurturing that relationship with Him is something I want to help our future generations with. A fun fact about myself is that I march with the Perkiomen Valley Marching Vikings, and we won a USBands PA state and national title in 2023!"

Christina Alderfer

NEXT Kids Small Group Leader

"I’m Christina, wife to Jon and mom of Garrett and Nolan. Back when we were meeting outside at the 4H I clearly heard God ask me to become part of the kids ministry. I love talking with the kids and looking at scripture together to answer their questions, plus encouraging them to step deeper in their prayer lives."

Brynn Fiasconaro

NEXT Kids Small Group Leader

"Hi, my name is Brynn! I am 16 years old & I love working in the kids ministry because I get to see kids grow in their faith. Seeing how much joy the kids have to worship and learn about God encourages me with my own faith and even helps me grow spiritually. "